Blog Reloaded (Or: A Wormspace Carol)

Posted: Saturday, November 13, 2010 by Alathus Christensen in

It's been awhile since the last blogpost from the nether, so I thought it might be time to revive the zombie. Apologies to the blog followers, and to my corporation members - thanks for encouraging me to blog more.

Our wormhole operations continue to grow, as does our member-base. We're now up to 90 members, and quite well set up in our C2. As per usual, we're still asshatting around wherever we end up - and as this blog is mostly about story time, I thought I might keep it simple with a year in review award. (I know, a bit early - but oh well..)

We've attacked many W-Space systems, and had several fun run-ins (and some great fights).. but we've also seen some pretty terribad POS setups, and all-around jackassery (P.S. - Jackassery is now a word).

So I wanted to take an opportunity to thank As Far As The Eye Can See [AFATY] and friends for bringing a 20 capsuleer fleet on us not once, but twice - even when the first fight didn't go their way. Kudos to you guys.

Battle Report [First]

Battle Report [Second]

On the opposite side of the coin, the raspberry of the year goes to Emperor Messina - a player from Global War Weaponry Inc [GWWI] - who not only borrowed a corporation mate's 4 billion ISK ridicufit Abaddon (WTF?) but proceeded to get it stomped into a hole. We also informed them that we'd be back for the Carrier, at which point they decided to sell their wormhole. (cue Sad Trombone.wav)

::Killmail Link::

Blue Sun is over a year old.. We've been in W-Space for nearly a year now, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the pilots that've flown with us, and against us.

We'll see you soon.


  1. This is more a general rather than specific comment...
    NICE BLOG DOOD! SRSLY... I hadda steal summa yer stuff for my Fav Postbyte list... TY for the LOLS =]

    From one WH'er to another, pls keep it up and post more... your blatherin is uber fun ta read...