All Things Have A Beginning And An End..

Posted: Saturday, March 27, 2010 by Alathus Christensen in

Including EVE servers, evidently, which seem to begin and end whenever they wish. In high security space, this really is not a terrible inconvenience - aside from a few lost drones, and the occasional failfit mission runner which manages to pop in the short moment before the server realizes that it should have worn it's brown trousers and preemptively shuts down.
However, for those who make their lives in 0.0, and more so in W-Space, a poorly timed disconnect can be possibly the worst thing to happen on a given day - and the best thing to happen to the person who gets to smack your face. Just jumped through a wormhole? Have fun logging in to the middle of space with no bookmarks. Just jumped through a gate in 0.0, only to find yourself in stasis inside of a bubble? I really hope you can log in before your captors.
But the point of this blog isn't to complain. I like EVE Online. Hell, if I didn't I probably wouldn't play it near so much. However, on the list of things to open with, server stability could definately use a bit of a boost.

With that rant out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about who I am inside the Matrix, as it were. I'm the CEO of a 45-man corporation which currently resides in W-Space. It's not without it's trials and tribulations, but in general it's much more interesting than grinding missions, or busting space rocks.
Being a CEO was never really something I particularly wanted to do, in EVE. The added responsibility can - at times - be a headache. I much prefer the freelance approach to EVE, flying around space like the star of a futuristic space opera (Flash!! Ooooo!). However it does have it's merits, as well, and it's something I've grown used to.
W-Space is not exactly the "place" to be if you want constant action 24/7. In fact, if W-Space were to have a recipe, I'd break it down a bit like this:

1 part waiting game
1 part strategy
1 part exploration

With that said, it should be noted that going from a life in HiSec to a life in W-Space can change people. It has a habit of nudging you in the direction of that familiar friend, "blowing shit up". Of course, you can't win 'em all. Sometimes you're the worm, and sometimes you're the hook. In the interest of being the hook, I've taken it upon myself to lay down some ground rules - should you decide to go exploring the land of the Sleepers.

1.) Please, please, don't jump into a wormhole solo in a T3 cruiser and assume that you're just fine. Assuming that you jump into one of the few wormholes inhabited by solely industrial corporations, you'll be fine - but to the rest of the wormhole populace, you're a flying killboard trophy. On that same coin, if you plan to fly T3, and you spend the ISK for a strategic cruiser, spend the ISK to fit it like a strategic cruiser.

2.) Use your directional scan. This is penultimate. I cannot tell you how important this is. However, if you'd like a friendly in-game mail from the Secure Commerce Commission, feel free to ignore this.

3.) Bookmark EVERYTHING. The wormhole you came in, the wormhole you go out of, the wormhole on the floor, the wormhole in your hamper, and the wormhole in that two day old pizza you're considering the edibility of.

4.) Don't sit on a wormhole and scan a system. Some people will tell you this will allow you to jump out should trouble come your way. I'll tell you that those people are stupid, and should be kicked in the nuts. Not only do the inhabitants have an easy way to find you, but they probably have an easy way to make sure you don't make it back through that wormhole. Fit a cloak, safespot your ship, deploy probes, engage cloak, and scan to your heart's content.

5.) Live a little, have some fun. After all, it's just a game. EVE is not SRS BSNS.

And with those five little rules, you'll be at least a little more survivable - and hopefully have a little more fun in W-Space.

Sniffly and Tired,
Alathus Christensen


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice post... With so many people posting great wormhole advice, it's amazing that there are so many idiots still flying around in them. Or rather, there are so many idiots sitting at the warp-to-zero point at planet 1 waiting for me.